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Paroles de She

Interprétées par Charles Aznavour

Interprété par Charles Aznavour
SheMay be the face I can' t forgetA trace of pleasure or regretMay be my treasure or the price I have to payShe may be the song that Solomon singsMay be the chill that autumn bringsMy be a hundred tearful thingsWithin the measure of the daySheMay be the beauty or the beastMay be the famine or the feastMay turn each day into heaven or a hellShe may be the mirror of my dreamA smile reflected in a streamShe may not be what she may seemInside, a shellSheWho always seems so happy to crowWhose eyes can be so private and so proudNo one' s allowed to see them when they cryShe may be the love that can and hope to lastMay come to me from shadows of the pastThat I remember till the day I dieSheMay be the reason I surviveThe why and where for I' m aliveThe one I' ll care for through the rough and rainy yearsMe I' ll take her laughter and her tearsAnd make them all my souvenirsFor where she goes I got to beThe meaning of my life isShe, she,.....she

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