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Paroles de Chastity sun

Interprétées par Cher

Chastity Sun you are the one
That can make me smile
When I'm feeling sad
You come close to me
My heart goes running free
You are the proof God lives
You are his gift to me

Sweet baby-girl
You make my world good and shiny new
When I look at you
In your eyes I see
The world that God meant to be
There's nohate or anger
Just love for humanity

We'll have children of the kingdom
They won't be torn by war, torn by hate
Nor will they hesitate to love

Chastity Sun we are as one
You help comfort me
You're the fruit I'm the king
I am trying so but I've got so far to go
I got so much to teach you
And so much myself to know

Sweet baby-one you bring the sun
In a simple way
With the things you say
In my smile or tears
Such innocence in your heart
Makes up God's great circle
'Cause I am king in you're the stars

We'll have children of the kingdom
They won't be torn by war
Nor will they ever hate
Hesitate to love

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