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Paroles de Let this be a lesson to you

Interprétées par Cher

Isn't it nasty, isn't it sad
Gonna make you wonder
Gonna make you mad
Same ol' heartache your best friend
Has come to visit once again
Your mistake was in the beginning
When you thought that he would last
When you weren't looking
No you weren't listen
And once he left you broke like glass

Let this be a lesson to you
Take this message to your heart
Love is gonna slip right through you
You got to watch it from the start

Thought you had yourself a true love
Thought he was in love with you
But he was just like a devil
Took your heart and broke it to
Well there's no telling who's on the level
And there's no way to know what's real
Just remember how it all happened
And be sure that you know who's got the deal

Chorus x 5 (fade)

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