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Paroles de Suicide ( A Better Way )

Interprétées par Choking Victim

Sippin on the dragon just the other day tompkins square park up by avenue A halfway down the forty and a pig come up to me he said "listen here boy (ya) gotta show me yer i.d." well living in a police state i tell ya man it ain't that great i know it doesn't even matter what i say but dontcha know there's gotta be a better way i'm all alone, i'm feeling bad, i'm by my self all i ever had
i hate my life, i'm such a mess i wanna die i'm so depressed and every time i look at you
i know exactly what to do
i didn't want to be born
the pleasure all has died so now i'm gonna snuff it with a suicide suicide an ok it's a better way sit in a hot bathtub
(raise a razor) blade and slit yer wrists
watch your life fade to black you have this power to kill yerself called suicide and no-one can take that back there is no better death than suicide, suicide there is no better way.

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