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Paroles de Hello

Interprétées par Christina Aguilera

Does it ever feel like
No one is with you ?
No one sees it you way, everyones against you.
But it's your life,
Gotta keep the faith.
Hold your vision, you will find your way, yeah

I'm mad ?
May not think what i'm told,
I will not be swayed,
By the things that they might say.
They may have had their doubts,
No matter what i've found
I've held my ground,
Look at me i'm still around.

So dream on, dream on, yeah, ha.
Never let them steer you wrong,ha
Life comes knocking
Gotta, keep on running,
Opens that door,
shouting through the words
Sing it

Hello, hello,
Here i am, here I go.
Yeah yeah, 'cause I got love to give,
And I got dreams to live,
So hello, hello.
Hello hello.

And if you don't fit in,
Just through your differences,
I'm beautiful to see, well,
They're beautiful to me.
There's noone quite like you,
You gotta love you too.
You know you'll find a way,
Be, who you are don't be ashamed, now.

Shine baby shine, yeah.
'cause it's all in your mind
The life you crave,
The love you made, said,
So long to you yeah,
You just gotta say yay.


So don't you ever let it pass you by.
It's you life, yeah, yeah yeah.
You gotta dream you know you gotta shine,
It's your time.
Just shine,
Say, shine it to the world, sing.


Hello hello said yeah yeah say hello, helllo yeah
Hello hello
Haha Haha
Hello hello woooahh hoo woooahh hoo
Haha Haha
See you later

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