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Paroles de We're a miracle

Interprétées par Christina Aguilera

Here we are, safe at last
We can breathe a sigh, seems the storm has passed
All our friends would ask us why
With all that stood between us
Why did we even try?

No one I know, imagined we would make it
But it only matters that we both believe

You and me, we're a miracle
Meant to be and nothing can change it
Mountains move and oceans part
When they are standing in our way
You and me, we're a miracle
Angels stand watching over us
And heaven shines upon us everyday ohhhh yea

All my life, I felt incomplete
But you touched my soul, with your love so sweetly
You hear my thoughts
Your read my mind
You're the part of me
I thought I'd never find

No one I know can make me feel like you do
You hold me and I feel like I can fly


The chance was so unlikely, that we would ever be oh
Two stars upon the heavens, destiny brought you to me ohhhhh



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