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Paroles de Get Away

Interprétées par Christina Milian

I've been lookin' to get away from him. I've been lookin' to get away from her. Oh, we gots to find a way -- babe. I've been lookin' to get away. Since I found you.
Say whatever it is you need to say, cuz I'm thinkin ‘bout heading my way. This relationship is getting crazy. Lately, lately, lately. I've been feelin' this way from back when, but now it's time I turned you in. Maybe now baby we can be friends -- baby, baby baby.
Can we get away. Get out tonite. Meet me up at the club mama. Can you get away, get out tonite, cuz I've free baby.
Well what about my career, my man, my life? Baby, I give you me, myself and I. And if you could get near me, there'll be no more pain. Well come on boy and love me, love me, love me.
The more things change -- I know, I know men play games. All I wanna know -- are you the same? Take a chance girl and love me, love me, love me.
Repeat Chorus
I'm not ya man so I'm feelin' like a one-night stand -- it'd be convenient for us both. I know you feel me. Well come on let's do this. No thought to it; let's give our love a chance. Cuz when ya lovin' me, kiss, hug love with me. I'm trying to get it where you can't get enough of me. Baby girl, I just wanna be free. Well come on boy and love me, love me, love me.

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