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Paroles de It Hurts When

Interprétées par Christina Milian


Verse 1
There you were last night sitting close to her by candlelight
I couldn’t let you see my crying eyes but I wanted so bad to run to you
How could you find someone in just so little time
We said we’d be friends maybe one day – give us one more try
I can’t understand, it happened so fast
Six months have passed
Now suddenly you’ve gotten over me

It hurts when I thought I had gotten over you
It hurts when together forever won’t come true
It hurts when one broken heart is how it ends
‘cause it hurts to know that you are in love again

Verse 2
I’m trying so hard not to care but you’re happy now and it’s not fair
Just when I thought that I was getting strong I see you with her – I was wrong
Now I can pretend that losing you didn’t mean a thing
And I can deny that this whole thing’s not happening
To hold it inside…it’s killing me, it’s hurting me. If you could only see



It hurts when ooooohhhhhhh….
It hurts when I see you, I see you with her
It hurts when my broken heart is how it ends
‘cause it hurts to know that you are in love again

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