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Paroles de Hands Up In The Air

Interprétées par Craig David

Ooh baby, It's all about a party yeah
Really wanna get, really wanna get down tonigt, down tonight yeah
Come on baby, let me see those hands up in the air yeah
Let me see you bounce tonight

Tonight is all about a party
Dressing up to try impress somebody
Hoping to find yourslf a fly shorty
That somebody oh so beautiful, so right
If you're standing feeling unsure
Then make your way all up on to the dance floor
You should be shaking what you got that's what you came for
So shut the back door 'cos no one's tripping
Just keep playing that song

Let me see those hands up in the air
All my fellas bouncing in the club let me hear you say yeah
Though I know It's nothing new
To raise the roof with your crew (true)
But you can bring it don if you want to
Let me see those hands up in theair
All my ladies shaking what you got
Let me hear you say yeah
If you wanna jump around
Believe that now's the time to get down
Moving to the crazy sound
If it feels good to you whatcha gonna do ?

If you see a hot girl, a rock girl looking kinda fly
And she knows it very well, kind that you be calling on cell
Falling underneath her spell, so addictive baby can't you tell
Need a hot boy, top boy looking kinda fly
Type that makes you feel weak at the knees
Now if it's for real girl then just let it show
While the beat moves your body, mind & soul


Ooh now baby, I gota just break it on down yeah yeah
This one goes out to all my fellas, all my ladies ah yeah
Now I know it's kinda easy
To raise the the roof with your crew yeah alright
Ooh but I know it ain't that easy
To bring the whole thing down oh yeah

Chorus (x2)

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