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Paroles de Secretly

Interprétées par Cruel Intentions

I've been biding my time,
Been so subtly kind,

I got to think so selfishly,
'Cause you're the face inside of me.

I've been biding my days,
You see evidently it pays,
I've been a friend,
With unbiased views,
Then secretly lust after you.

So now he's gone rusty
You're bored and bemused.
You wanna do someone else,
So you should be by yourself,
Instead of here with me, secretly.

Trying hard to think pure,
Bloody hard when I'm raw,
You talking out so sexually,
'Bout boys 'n girls and your friggin' dreams
So now you feel lusty,
You're hot and confused,
So now you've been busted,
You're caught feeling used.

You had to do someone else,
You should've been by yourself,
Instead of here with me, secretly, secretly

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