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Paroles de Calm Inside The Storm

Interprétées par Cyndi Lauper

I can get up
on the right side of the bed
but that won't stop the rain
from coming down on my head
I can live my life
playing hide and seek
but when I look inside
It's hard to make believe,
ah ah

you seem so far away
I wish I could say something
but I don't no what you say
I can feel your eyes
I don't have to look at you
is-a-sneakin' throught

you never really want anything
but what you really need is everything
I'll give you something only life can bring
the calm inside the storm
love me a little, love me long
wo yeah
the calm inside the storm
love me a little,love me long
don't you know
you should be holding me
but you're all locked inside
why don't you throw me your keys
I'm like a rockin'ship
on your rollin'sea
you know crash lightnin'
never frightens me,nha never relly want.....

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