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Paroles de James Dean (i Wanna Know)

Interprétées par Daniel Bedingfield

I could be James Dean of the music scene
I could be a big star like that man called Queen
I could have fly moves
Be a dancefloor dream
But if she can't seem to notice me
Then what's it worth now

Could have my teeth flashing a Brad Pitt smile
Be wearing a Versace 'cos that's my style
Could have my hair cut by the extra mile
But if she can't make it worth my while
Then what's the point now

I wanna know
If you're busy
I wanna know
If you're doing
Anything tonight
I wanna know
If you missed me
I wanna know
I wanna know

I wish that I could
Kiss your lips the
Way that I want to
Baby I wish that
I could be your man
I wish that you could
Be my lady

I could be Sly Stone
Of the family crew
I could be big Bad Daddy Warbucks
And love you too
I could be knocked
Senseless by what
You do but if it's
Pain that you put through
It isn't love
Now I made up my own darn mind
I'm getting no love
After all this time
I'm gonna make
Music 'til my brain is
Fried 'cos you can't
See the man inside
It ain't enough now


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