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Paroles de Say Goobye

Interprétées par Dave Matthews Band

oh well here we are by this fireside
and the snow outside
keep you and me locked up for tonight
i mean no harm here
but while we're stuck
why not get stuck inside each other
no no baby i know we're friends
but tonight oh god let's be lovers
roll around the bedside until daylight
won't leave won't leave away
(man only kind) i'll do all this tonight
have another glass or sip of wine
and your eyes lead me to find
and we'll raise tomorrow
go back to being friends
tomorrow, go back to being friends
not no lovers
you go back to your man
i go back to my wife
back to our lives, separate from each other
and when you see me, when i see you
we'll pretend we do not know
one time we two were lovers
just for the night until daylight
come and strip us away
go just tonight
oh come down, lay by my side
tomorrow, go back to being friends
tomorrow, go back to being friends yeah
romance all again
i'll need just tonight in your eyes
i see and taste your lips tonight
with the taste of love on fingers
i might be all the way
and we'll be playful roller-coaster friends
and tomorrow we'll say goodbye
say goodbye
say goodbye
say goodbye

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