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Paroles de All I want is you

Interprétées par David Charvet

I would give it all away
Just to have you for a moment, Iíd turn back time
Make you smile
I would never walk away
I would never try to hurt you
Or make you cry
I never wanted you more

Let me be the one who loves you
Let me hold you in my arms
All I want I s you
When Iím lying in my bed
All the words I never say will come back itís true
All I want is you
Will you ever come back to me?

I would give you everything, just to have you for a moment
I close my eyes wide awake
Didnít mean to disappoint you
Or leave you with the pieces of a broke heart

And I never know what you wanted
Now I ever wanted you more


I will never let you go

Never thought that we would fall apart
No one ever opened up my heart
Like you and now youíre gone
Iíd give anything for one more try
To feel the passion burn inside
Only you can set me free

Baby let me the one who loves you
Baby youíre the only one that I need
Baby let me hold in my arms
Baby itís your kiss that sets me free
Baby Iíll search the world forever
Baby just to have you next to me
Baby canít you see what Iím trying to tell you
Baby youíre the one, all I need


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