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Paroles de Move

Interprétées par David Hallyday

She'll take you up
Then let you down
She'll steal your heart
Chew it up and throw it out
Don't be misled
There ain't no time
To fool around with a girl
Who screws your mind

So just turn away
Every time you feel her moves on you
You need much more than the girl can give
You just send her on her way
Better off in it all alone
Do what you want
You've got your life to live

She's gonna move, move
move you all around
(You better) Better watch your step
Keep your feet on the ground
Don't let her take, take, take you for a ride
(She's gonna) Gonna build you up
Just you let you slide
Gonna watch you slide

Can't be too smart
Can't be too wise
To look beneath all the words
And all the lies
Looks like you've hooked
Just can't say no
She'll promise you everything
Then touch and go


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