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Paroles de Tonight you're mine

Interprétées par David Hallyday

I feel the fire in the midnight air
burning me turning me
through the smoke I see you standin' there
haunting me taunting me
in your eyes an invitation
you're sending only to me
and all I know I got to have you
one touch of magic and I'll make you see

* Tonight you're mine
this moment here together
will turn into forever
Tonight you're mine
I've waited for a lifetime
tonight will be the right time for love

I got the power I can read your mind
telling me compelling me
I hear your message through the open line
come to me, baby run to me
I'm pickin' up your vibrations
they're leading straight to my heart
your body knows the sweet sensation
no way to stop it, we're gonna start

* (repeat)

How did you make this happen baby
won't you look at me now
girl you turned me around
I'm out of my head
look what we found

* (repeat)

* (repeat & fade)

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