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Paroles de Vertigo

Interprétées par David Hallyday

I'm in a tailspin
You make my head swim
You know, you really took the boy by surprise !

I feel uneasy
And real queasy
'Cause this is threatening my very survival !

Baby, wontcha tell me if I'm in it alone ?
Gimme just a little cue

Hold on real tight
Could be a rough night
I get dizzy at this height
And I'm hopin' that you might...
Oh Vertigo
Catch me if I fall tonight !
They call it Vertigo
I think I'm gonna... fall tonight !

I'm on a tighttrope
Where did the net go ?
I'm up here, and I still don't know why
Don't wanna look don't
I'm gonna lose ground
I'll grow wings and then take to the sky !

Two can fly together much better than one
Wontcha come fly with me ?

Into the sunrise
Could be a fun rise
Yeah, ya gotta call it love
Guess, it took long enough !
They call it Vertigo
Fever goin' up, don't lok down
Ooh oh baby I got it-Vertigo
I think I'm gonna... fall tonight

I got double vision
What a tough position I'm in
Got trouble sleepin'
Just can't keep my head up

Knew it could get scary
Nobody prepared me for this
I must be scay
Every day's a lot more insane


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