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Paroles de Where is david

Interprétées par David Hallyday

Itís a cool day, and anything goes,
Your mind is open wide
Itís a groove hey, lie in the sand,
With horizons in your sights
Fell the vibe, set me free
My telephone is ringing, opportunity
Take the call, not for me
Please donít hang up I tell her, Iím all that you need
Itís a cool day,
What a cool day nowÖ

Where is David, is he in there ?
I got this number, I like your hair

Itís a good day, for you to come by
Wanna see if Davidís here
In the doorway, she puts on a big big smile
I can see sheís not all there
Lights are on, dimly lit
She isnít very wise and Iím not very clear
All the same, itís a fit
That she might give away, while Davidís nowhere near
Itís a cool day
Itís a groove babe
What a cool day nowÖ

Walk away, itís no good
My head is hurting from the sound, got to get a clue
In her voice, monotone
I canít believe it never stops, sheís so confused

Where is David, I live your hair
Is in the bedroom ? I like your hair
Do you what to show me now
I like hair, I like animals, I like your hair

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