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Paroles de Best days

Interprétées par Desree

CD Supernatural
I tried to run away,
Somehow I couldn't to stay
You reached to hold my hand,
You led me to the promised land.
There we were all alone, there were
No telephones. We only had each
Other's eyes. And I feel now,
There were the best days
Of my life, hey yeah, yeah!
Where did you find this place?
Had we arrived in space?
Here we are Kings and Queens.
You know exactly what I mean.
Now we are all alone
There are no danger zones
We only have each other's smiles
And I feel now
They were the best days of my life
Hey yeah, yeah! Yes, Ifeel now,
They were the best days of my life.
The astonishment, written on my face,
As a beaty, it has me dazed.
Of the scenery, I was so impressed,
By the way the paradisewas smatly dressed
Hey yeah, yeah!
I tried to disappear,
From all my aches and feras
But now I close my eyes and journey
To this paradise
So beautiful, simply wonderful
I sit down and take my time
'Cos I feel now,
they were the best days
of i'm convinced now
they were the best days of my life
Best days x3
They were the best days, best days
Best days, they were the best days,
Bets days, best days, they
They were the best days

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