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Paroles de Bug A Boo

Interprétées par Destiny's Child

Thou should not bug

- Chorus -
You make wanna throw my pager out the window
Tell MCI to cut the phone poles
Break my lease so I can move
Cuz your a bug-a-boo a bug-a-boo
I wanna put your number on the call block
Have AOL make my email stop
Cuz your a bug a boo
Your bugging what ya bugging who
Ya bugging me and dont you see it aint cool

It's not hot that you be callin me stressin me pagin my beeper you juss nonstop
And it's not hot that you be leavin me messages every ten minutes and then you stop by
When I first met you you were cool
But it was game you had me fooled
Cuz 20 minutes after I gave you my number you already had my mailbox full

- Hook -
So what you bought a pair of shoes
What now I guess you think I owe you
You dont have to call as much as you do
I'd give them back to be through with you
And so what my momma liked you
What now I guess you think I will too
Even if the pope said he liked you too
I dont really care cuz your a bug-a-boo

- Chorus -

It's not hot that when I'm blockin your phone number you call me over your best friend's house
And it's not hot that I cant even go out with my girlfriends without you trackin me down
You need to chill out with that mess
Cuz you cant keep havin me stressed
Cuz everytime my phone rings it seems to be you and I'm prayin that it is someone else

- Hook - Chorus -

When you call me on the phone your buggin me
When you follow me around your buggin me
Everything you do be bugging me your buggin me your buggin me
When you show up at my door your buggin me
When you open up your mouth your bugging
Everytime I see your face your buggin me your buggin me your buggin me

- Chorus -

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