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Paroles de Get On The Bus

Interprétées par Destiny's Child

I don't wanna fuss with you
So I'm gonna sit out on the couch
Don't try to talk to me
'Cause boy I am locking you out
I don't wanna hear a thing
Nothin' you got to say
You should think twice
About the way you been talkin'to me

Better catch a cab or get on the bus
I ain't got no time for you
Talkin' all that junk
I'm gonna pack my stuff
Is this what you want
I don't really care
Cause there's no more us

Ain't got no words for you
So you can stop calling my friends
Tellin' them it wasn't your fault
And why I ain't lettin' you in
Too many times before
I've let you back in my life
This is a new day
And this won't go down tonight


Introduced you to Dolce and Gabanna
Took you from dirt bikes to Hondas
Take you from that terrible stress
Now you tellin' me that I am a bother
What kinda mess is that to tell a man who put you on the scene
That's just like killing a dream (oh no baby)
That's how it seems
I work hard to build up what I have of you
I pray to God there's not another man between me and you
So tell me baby
There's no need to lie
Why you sleepin' with your eyes closed
Wanna talk alright yo


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