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Paroles de Sweet Sixteen

Interprétées par Destiny's Child

You couldn’t tell lil’ Jackie nothin
Sixteen thought she knew it all
She was seaching for the love she missed yea
So she ran away.
(Slow down)
You’re moving way to fast
There’s so much for you ahead

Sweet Sixteen
Do you know where you’re running to
Do you know, Sweet sixteen

She feel in love with a man
Who was so fine
He made her promises yea
She didn’t stop to think if he was serious
No no no
Until she had his baby , Sweet sixteen
(Slow down)
You’re moving way to fast(Sixteen)
Theres so much for you ahead


Sixteen years (mm hmmm)
Sixteen prayers(wha wha)
Sixteen reasons why I care(yea yea)
Sixteen tears (uh huh)
You’re sixteen still(uh huh)
Sweet sixteen
I know you’re feeling lonley
(I know you feelin lonely) Who ya gonna turn to
(Who ya gonna turn to)
Feels like the world’s closin in on you
Sweet sixteen
You need to cherish what you have
You can forget about the past
Now you can start all over
you can start all over and...
Cherish your life
Slow down..
You’re moving way to fast
You’re only sixteen
There’s so much more to life ahead


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