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Paroles de Afraid to sleep

Interprétées par Dido

We slept in this room together
but now you're gone
It's so quiet, I'll turn the TV on
We lived in this room together
We painted the walls
Now time doesn't stand still -- it crawls
And I'm afraid to sleep
cause if I do I'll dream of you
And the dreams are always deep
on the pillow where I'll weep
I never realized how much I was in love with you
till you started sleeping with someone new
Last night I dreamed again, and you were there
You kissed my face; you touched my hair
Lyin' alone in the darkness
with a memory in my head
There's a big hole where my heart is
and a lonely feeling rolling 'round my bed
On the pillow where I'll weep
I'm afraid to sleep

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