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Paroles de The Game

Interprétées par Disturbed

Tell me exactly what am I supposed to do
now that I have allowed you to beat me
Do you think that we could play another game
maybe I could win this time
I kind of like the misery you put me through
darlin' you can't trust me completely
if you even try to look the other way
I think that I could kill this time

rah rah
rah rah

It doesn't really seem I'm getting through to you
even though I see you weeping so sweetly
I think that you should take another taste
A little bit of hell this time.

rah rah
you lied to me
rah rah
you lied to me
is she not right
is she insane
will she not run for the life of the other one's extasy (???)
ow! she not right
ow! she insane
wow! she now run for the life yeow yeow yeow

you always wanted people to remember you
to leave your little mark on society
don't you know your wish is coming true today
another victim dies tonight


dum diddy dum dum di dida
dum diddy dum diddy do (x7)

wishing you were here
telling lies again
doesn't she realize
she's in danger

little bitch she's playing and she told a lie
now she will never tell a lie
little bitch she ??? and told a lie
never fucking lie to me!

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