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Paroles de How Deep Is Your Love

Interprétées par Dru Hill


Yo, yo, yo, yo...Yo
Look around brother...ha...ha
Def Jam...Def Squad
Frank Rock in tha house

Yo, yo, yo, yo...Yo
Look around brother
We keep it hot...Dru Hill
Def Squad from the top one time

Hey mami you know that I like it when you call me papi
But it seems like that you be creeping
That you've been seeing another chico
And baby you know that he can't go down like me
And you know the nigga can't freak like me
So mami tell me one little thing
How deep is your love for me

How deep is your love for me
Tell me what it's gonna be
Now do you see your self ft, when I
talk my teeth should rot, I'm from the Brick so which means I'm born to dog,
you heard this, wanna a shot at it, warn them all, I hit em off from the
bathroom stall...tappin' draws and they get gas to pass, platinum cars,
then I'm like yo...yo going buy my crew, bikes with double pipes and we
quick to lose on the turnpike...I'm the one that turned you out, dug
it out, it was the Hennessy that made us slug it out, what you like
shit freaky, you down with it, your other man's a punk with a hand to
punk tha grunge, ride out tough, even Honey Comb hide out, duck the hour...
rush, better choose quick...chick I got tracks to dust, Dru Hill, Def
Squad, if you askin' us

Chorus (until end of song)

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