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Paroles de My life

Interprétées par Erykah Badu

I was standing downtown, downtown
Staring at the pebbles on the ground
Tryin to figure out a way up out of this town
And I know yeah, I'm not the only one
So many people out there chase the sun

If you're looking for a free ride, you better run chile
Or you sure won't get too far, oh
You'd better dance a dance
To make the rain come down
If you want to be a star, oh my life

My Life
(Brother you know)
Sho ain't been too easy
My life
(Sister you know)
The life I wanna live
My life
(Mama you know)
You're gonna go through changes
My life
No turnin back
(I'm tellin' you no)

Evernow and then I
Wanna to throw my hands up in the sky
Cause one day I know I'll be flyin high
And I know yeah I got to get down
On my knees and pray
Cause in heart I know I'll see that day

When my freedom comes along
I'm gonna run chile
Cause I know that I'll go far oh, oh
Can't let nobody

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