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Paroles de Into you

Interprétées par Fabolous

i can't really explain it, i'm so into you now, i want to be more than a friend to you now
When they ask, I mention my babygirl in the interviews now
And I donít bring the problems from the 90s and the 2 thou
Theres no reason to have a friend or two now
Cuz the kids ready to tell you how he feel and a few vows
Maybe I speak in general now
But girl, imma do whatever just to keep a grin on u now
Where I roll, they wear bikinis in the winter too now
What you think about tan lines on the skin of you now?
Why wouldnít I wanna spend a few thou
On fifth ave, shopping sprees and them dinners to chow
I aint concerned with other men with you now
As long as when I slide up in you, you growl
And any dude with you, he better be a king to you now
And I aint jealous, itís the principle now
Iím so into you

I really like what you've done to me
I can't really explain it
I am so Into you (x2)

Come on ma
Itís more than a flashing
I woulda traded it all in orderly fashion
My billa in Florida we crashing
Just off the shore so you can hear when the water be splashing
The Drop top 3 in the quota we dashing
Flawless diamonds in the water we flashing
The money we oughta be stashing
I make sure ever quarter be cashed in
I canít really explain it
My friends be thinking Iím slipping
These girls be thinking Iím tripping
What kinda weed u be smoking
What typa drinks u be sipping
Sweet thing just to think of you dipping
Would have me with the blue so hard
You would think I was crimping
Now you relaxing in the Benz
Credit cards are no limits
So u donít worry about maxing when u spends
But since u been asking about the friends
Howíd u like it if both our names had Jackson on the ends

I really like what you've done to me
I can't really explain it
I am so into you (x2)

I donít wanna trip, but the truth is
Girl the way you cook a steak
Remind me of them trips to Roofchris
U love my smile, no matter how chipped my tooth is
With you it aint because my whips is ruthless
So sit on chrome, dip the deuces
And you aint flattered by Canaryís and VS dip tay seuces
All the ballers look dumb when they press you
Five and sixes, you donít let them kinda #ís impress you
Even though I was so unsuccessful
Being a player was becoming too stressful
But ever since, this superwoman has come to my rescue
My winterís been wonderful, my summerís been special
Thatís why the same bar while the villa been painted
Just so we can really get acquainted
The love is real, thereís no way you can feel like itís tainted
But I canít really explain it, yeah

I really like what youíve done to me
I canít really explain it
Iím so into you (x5)

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