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Paroles de A Man's Home Is His Castle

Interprétées par Faith Hill

Linda works the diner, pourin' coffee, singin' hash

She said, "I wouldn't have come in today

But I really need the cash

I know I can't fool anyone 'cause dark glasses tell no lies

But make-up won't cover up a blackened eye"

Oh oh oh no

You see Jimmy works construction now

But yesterday it rained

So he went down to the liquor store

And by noon he felt no pain

I came in an hour late, then I let his supper burn

Well he hit the roof, hit the wall and when it was my turn


He said, "A man's home is his castle

It always has been and so it remains"

But he holds the keys in a fist of rage

His home is his castle

And mine is a cage

Someone must have heard the noise and they dialed 911

And the cop who showed up at the door asked,

"Is there a problem, son?"

Jimmy smiled and said, "No, sir, just a little fight that's all

Hey you know how it gets sometimes when you're layin' down the law"

Oh oh oh no

So I pulled out my suitcase, I started packin' up my clothes and Jimmy said,

"Now Linda, where do you expect to go with those?"

I told him, "I have tride, but not an aounce of love survives"

Well I grabbed my wrist and shouted,

"You're not leavin' here alive"

She said, "I'm savin' up my money and when I get the nerve I'll run

But Jim don't give up easily so I intend to buy a gun

He will never see the way he treats me is a crime

Somebody oughta lock him up but Im the one who's done the time"

Repeat Chorus

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