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Paroles de Bed Of Roses

Interprétées par Faith Hill

There's something 'bout your manner

That makes it hard to see

Just how you take advantage

Of a workin' girl like me

I've seen you set 'em up

And I've seen you take 'em down

Our love is legal tender

For your kind to pass around


Don't want your bed of roses

Don't want no handful of thorns

Don't want to be your livin' doll

Don't want to be no woman scorned

I don't want to watch you turn the page

When your chapter closes

No, I'm not gonna lay me down

In your bed of roses

I've tasted good and bad love

In the honky-tonks and bars

I've settled for the moon

When I was reachin' for the stars

and though sometimes I have stumbled

I've been known to fall

It was always true love

That took me to the wall

Repeat Chorus

Girl, you better hide your love away

Girl, you better save it for another day

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