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Paroles de I Can't Do That Anymore

Interprétées par Faith Hill

Cut my hair the way you wanted

Watched you become important

Quit my job to make our new home far away

Now you're Mr. Sucessful and I'm queen of the treadmill

Trying to stay the size you think that I should stay

I used to dream about what I I would be

Last night I dreamed about a washing machine


I keep on giving

But I can't stop loving

A woman needs a lettle something of her own

I like happy endings

I don't like depending

I keep right on pretending

But I can't do that anymore

Now you say I'm being silly

But you don't know me really

You never take the time to ask me how I feel

I keep the check book balanced

I decorate your place

You know I used to think that you were king

Somewhere down deep I know you really love me

But you can't see that what we have was not all I needed

Repeat Chorus

You try to tell me that I'm not being fair to you

But life's too short for a selfish attitude

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