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Paroles de Wild One

Interprétées par Faith Hill

They said change your clothes

She said no I won't

They said comb your hair

She said some kids don't

And her parents's dreams went up in smoke

They said you can't leave

She said yes I will

They said don't see him

She said his name is Bill

She's on a roll and it's uphill


She's a wild one

With an angel's face

She's a woman-child

In a state of grace

When she was three years old on her daddy's knee

He said you can be everything you want to be

She's a wild one runnin' free

She loves Rock and Roll

They said it's Satan's tongue

She thinks they're too old

They think she's too young

And the battle lines are clearly drawn

Repeat Chorus

She has future plans and dreams at night

When they tell her life is hard she says that's all right

Repeat Chorus

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