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Paroles de Spanish Eyes

Interprétées par Fifth Avenue

Ahh ye

I never wanted this feelin'
I never thought it would come
This love that grew inside me
But I knew what had to be done

Baby I loved you, held you
Did everything your heart desired
But like the wind your gone from me
Better or worse now

Can we bring it back
The love that made me quiver
When I saw your face
The one that made me shiver
When you laid with me
My beautiful spanish eyes don't go away

Ahh ye

This beautiful vision I once held
Kept safe and warm
This beauty I call my best friend
Love so pure it felt so strong

But baby you left me, all alone
With nothing but time on my side
Now my heart would break,
If you can't help me save it


No don't leave here
Leave me all alone
No don't go and throw this love away
Now your love is so much more
Than I ever had before
I need you love, I need you everyday.

Refrain (x2)

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