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Paroles de Forever love

Interprétées par Gary Barlow

Love it has
So many beautiful faces
Sharing lives
And sharing days
My love it had
So many empty spaces
I'm sharing a memory now
I hope that's how it stays
Now I'm deep inside love
And still breathing
She is holding my heart in her hand
I'm closest I've been to believing
This could be love forever
All through out my life
The reasons I've demanded
But how can I reason
With the reason I'm a man

In a minute I'm needing
To hold her
In an hour I'm cold
Cold as stone
When she leaves
It gets harder and harder
To face life alone

Now my dreams are filled with time
When were together
Guess what I need from her
Is forever love
Oh,oh yeah,oh,oh,oh...
I feel forever love,oh,oh
Oh yeah,I feel forever love

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