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Paroles de Notre Belle Famille (step By Step)

Interprétées par Génériques TV

The dream got broken; seemed like all was lost.
What would be the future? Could you pay the cost?
You wonder : will there ever be a second time around?

Whoa, whoa! When the tears are over and the moment has come
Say "My Lord, I think I found someone !"
And no one would be better
To be puttin' it together for the second time around!

We got the woman and man.
We got the kids in a clan.
Only time will tell
If all these dreams fit under one umbrella!

Step by step, day by day
A fresh start over, a different hand to play
The deeper we fall, the stronger we stay.
And we'll be better
The second time around.

Step by step, day by day (day by day)
A fresh start over, a different hand to play
Only time will tell, but you know what they say
We'll make it better, the second time around.

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