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Paroles de River dance

Interprétées par Geneviève Charest

Somewhere, I feel
On an unknown shore
Down lies my Dear
He is peaceful, yet strong

The wind whispers
Water rose so high
He ought to dance
On the rhythm of the tide

Rest, oh my Love
I shall face the river dance now

Somehow, I see
With my eyes blurred with tears
Clearly the stream
That shall lead me to ye Dear

Sea breeze echos
As I row off the shore

Await my Love
We’ll be one, evermore
I dare the gods
To keep our souls apart

Await my Love
While the sea rocks so hard
No rain or storm
Lessens faith my Beloved
For thee I brave
The river dance

Somewhere, I see
On an unknow shore
Laid by the sea
On the sand, lies peacefully

Rest in my arms
I shall look after thee

Deny my Love
The voice from above
Sing with me Dear
The Call thou shall not hear

Sing with me, sing
Thy silence I can’t bear
Sing with me, sing, Ah...

Leave, oh my love
Embrace the sea
I’ll be the prow
Caressing you
While I river dance

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