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Paroles de The sands of time

Interprétées par Geneviève Charest

The sands of time
Are fallen around the place where we lay
Beneath the shroud
The sound of silence calls out in vain
Of what has passed
I hear the last
But all that that remains
Will disappear
Into the air
And leave not a trace

The sands now fall
Around the forms that weren’t meant to be
Reflected in
The mirrored image they asked to see
The fire of hate
Which burned too late
To turn time around
But at the last
The forms of glass
Are worn down into their place

Crowded mills now broken
Mirrors that brought pain
I see falling...

Beneath the sands
The whispered silence still calls in vain
Grey streams of light
Break through the beams that held out the rains
And to me here
It seems so clear
Why can no one see
And when we wait
There at the gate
Will it be the same?
The sands have not told their tale

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