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Paroles de Won't you come home

Interprétées par George Strait

Well I was out a drinkin'with a couple of friends of mine
When the bartender handed me the telephone
Said there's a wife on the line
I told her I was just a drinkin'with a couple of buddies I knew
She told me in a few short words
Just a what she wanted me to do

She said won't you come home and talk to a stranger
You might even make yourself a friend
She said won't you come home and talk to a stranger
It's the only place in days you haven't been


Well I sat there about an hour talkin'with the rest of the guys
When she walked through that front door
She had get home in her eyes
She said you've danced and talked with every woman in town but me
And if you'd just come around the house you might like my compagny

chorus (x 2)

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