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Paroles de Don't call me baby

Interprétées par Geri Halliwell

CD Scream if you wanna go faster
Do you think about me, like I think about you, as these nights grow colder,
do you think about us or the love that was lost looking back as we grow
older.Would you cry if I
die, either way nothing changes, and just remember.Don't call me baby,
baby just because you can,
don't call me lady boy, you ain't that kind of man, don't call me sugar
honey, you've never done before, its just to little to late, this baby's out
the door.Do you wish that you
maybe you were too scared to show me what your feeling,
did you run out of time with me on your mind,
didn't we have no meaning.Would you bleed, if
I leave, either way nothing changes, and just remember.[M8]
Cum on, cum on, cum on, cum on, cum on, don't you cry no more.
Cum on, cum on, cum on, cum on, baby, get up off the floor.

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