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Paroles de Lovey dovey stuff

Interprétées par Geri Halliwell

CD Scream if you wanna go faster
I know how you take
your morning tea
You know how I take my time
How you try to steal my recipe
For making blue love flow like wineI tick and you tock
I go when you stop
In ever decreasing circles
Ready or not, baby my groove will getchaWhen I talk about
You just play games
And you tie yourself up
With lust in shackles and chains
When I talk about us I feel no shame
And I'm never giving up, until we talk about loveLovey dovey dovey
stuff, I do smooth and you do rough
I used to think that you were tough
But your scared (say that you're not)Your so good at making
fun of me
I can always make your day
I read my books about philosophy
Then we fight before we play[BRIDGE 2][MID 8]When little bad boys
come out to play
They kiss all the girls and run away from love
When good little girls are feeling hot
He comes and he goes but he doesn't stop for...

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