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Paroles de Mi Chico Latino

Interprétées par Geri Halliwell

I've got a secret,I cannot keep it
It's just a whisper of a distant memory
Just a dream or so it seems
Take me back to the place I'd rather be
You left a fire in my eyes
That lightens up the darkest skies
I'm giving up I'm letting go
I'll find my way so

Take me back to my sweet lavida
Find my love my dolce vita
Show me where I need to go
Donde esta mi chico latino

Stolen moments time has broken
My eyes are open to this life-long mystery
And so I'll go with what I know
Take my chances,and run my destiny
Now there's fire in my eyes I break away and say goodbye
I'm free to be I'm letting go,I'll find my way so


Que sueño,dolce y pequeño
Yo no sé,yo no sé
Pero no es un cuento
Mi corazòn con tormento
Chico latino te quiero
Y simplemiente deseo
Y lo sé el camino
Es un sueño latino

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