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Paroles de Goodbye

Interprétées par Ghost Of The Robot

I don't care what people're gonna say about it
I just wanna sit here and drink your sweet wine
Know you're gonna say you're too young for me but
Think if I kiss you that would be fine
Know how it's gonna end before it ever starts now
Gonna give me love sweeter than pie
Part your lips as if you're gonna kiss me
Say a word that's gonna break me

Bye, bye bye bye goodbye
Bye, bye bye bye goodbye

Christopher Robin gave old Pooh up. Grown up, didn't need Pooh no more
Babe, believe me this ain't the first time. I've been thrown down on the playroom floor

Bye, bye bye bye goodbye Bye, bye bye bye goodbye

Bye bye baby, baby bye bye
Bye bye
Bye bye baby, baby
Sorry baby, I'm just fast

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