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Paroles de Party time

Interprétées par Gloria Estefan

When the
sun is setting in the skyEverybody
knows it's party timeAnd when
the moon is rising highI'll be
yours I know you will be mineParty
time, Party time, Party timeAll day the world goes
round and roundYou can feel the changes
coming downIt doesn't matter who you
areWith love to giveYou will go far
We see the treasures all
aroundAnd burn ourselves into
the groundEveryone's trying to
surviveWe're not just born to be
aliveBridgeI know
what I feel inside is trueYou now,
every road I follow'sLeading
me to you
BridgeWe live our lives in
mysteryWhile everything is meant
to beNo reason here to wonder
whyAll that we seek is in
the skyYou are the one I want to
holdI feel you deep inside my
soulOnly your love will set
us freeThis night belongs to you
and meBridge

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