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Paroles de My Old Man

Interprétées par Good Charlotte

I don't know much about
too much of my old man
i know he walked right out the door
we never saw him again
last i heard he was at the bar
doin himself in
i know i got that same disease
i got stuck with that from him

this is the story of my old man
just like his father before him
i'm tellin you do anything you can
so you don't end up just like them
like them

monday he woke up and hated life
drank until wednsday and left his wife
thursday thru saturday lost everything
woke up on sunday miserable again

i remember baseball games
and working on the car
told me that he loved me
and that i would go far
showed me how to work hard
and stick up for myself
i wish it wasn't hard
to listen to him tell
now he's alone and miserable again

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