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Paroles de Someone New (feat Eskobar)

Interprétées par Heather Nova

Is this goodbye,
is it time to set you free.
Is it time to let it fly,
is it time to let it be.

We used to take time,
to cover up the pain.
Deep below it burns
and the feeling still remains.

Chorus: You're gonna find someone new,
I really hope you do, because I love you.
The sun will come on through, gonna shine for you,
cause I adore you. (2X)

Yes, we gave it a try,
but maybe for too long.
Another day with sorrow,
another day went on.

Chorus 2x

In my life, I travel on,
but I will still hear you.
In my life, like a song, I will still hear you,...still

Chrorus 2x

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