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Paroles de Livin' it up

Interprétées par Ja Rule

1st Verse
Baby ! This ain't your typical, everyday, 1 night thing, it’s a physical imma love love callin your name, go on jump in the range it's all over I just really wanted 2 hold ya again your composure you gone love this before it's all over she's rockin my necklace you gotta expect this gone get a cause if you ain't know men & woman go together poppin my collar partner who in the spot, baby "Rule" in the spot, and the mug on the watch ugly!, half these girls hate half them love the ones that hate only hate because they can't thug me and they say I’m lucky you think I got time to spend all this doe and do all these shows or flight in the La Matage in white robes, Uh-oh, another episode.
2nd Verse & 3rd Verse
Chorus: Do I Do- To all my thugs that be living it up, we say, what I do. To all my ladies that be giving it up- what you do, To all my thugs that be living it up- What do I do, to all my ladies that be giving it up My love for you!
Ladies just wanna hold the name Ms. Atkins that's why they show love with more passion than average, & I ain't mad at you, never leave you alone cause it's on when I'm home like it's on when I'm gone, we both grown, both got minds our own, plus we hit off at first sight like Love Jones, been through many zones. Baby, love her yo hate her though from pretty woman that do, you know, the RULE be living it up, and got all who love me giving it up, I like a little Ooh baby, baby, how cute are you, with a mind that reads complexual, I drive a stick I'll ride right next to you doing donuts and cuts than I'll open it up. On the freeway hand on the wheel foot on the clutch. Rule baby never givin it up.
We get live, we get right we get live, live your life
So Sexy, I Just want you next to me, your whole vibes on me especially, cause ain't nothin but a inc. thing baby, I know the world is going crazy, I wanna feel your passion, cum when you ask me, laugh when you crying, cry when you laughing, but ain't nothing happenin, home girl got a little uptight turned off the light and started laughing, the radio blasting between me & you, but you ain't on the low, with that freak things you do, thought you knew, what I do! You know I know what you do, It ain't a good night if you don't act right, like Teddy P, let's turn off the lights, and let me love you down till the son comes out. Takin not times out baby let me find out
Chorus 2x

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