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Paroles de Questions

Interprétées par Jennifer Paige


Stare at God's face

Trying to find my place

Keeps avoiding me

That trace of who I want to

Suffered injustice

Don't know what trust is

It slipped away

But I trust I'll find it


Been disconnected embraced
and rejected

Either way it doesn't bother

But I keep moving doing what
i'm doing

Guess that's the way it's
s'posed to be

Who, what, where and why

Voices walk with me at night

Who, what, where and why

Questions of life


Angel on my shoulder

Winds blow colder

And I'm afraid

They might blow my angel away

I'm the deal ringer

there goes the chick singer

What they don't know

Is what they'll never see




But I keep moving doing what
I'm doing

And all the fear I've held

Has left me with some peace
of mind

And now lovve's knockin' at
my door

That's how I know there's
something more

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