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Paroles de Sweet Kisses

Interprétées par Jessica Simpson

ooh ooh ooh
could'nt look me in the eye
he apologizes
he didn't make enough to take me out tonight
i beg him not to worry,please don't turn away
i don't need a world of riches
i just need a little time with you and

sweet kisses...
all i really need is
sweet kisses...
it's what moves me

and his lips are pure emotion
he smiles because he knows how much i love the way he makes me feel inside
and suits all my wishes
who could ask for more?
doesn't have to say i love you
all i need he tells me with his


he heals me.
he touches me down to my soul
my heart's beating out of control
i just need a little time with you


sweet kisses,baby it's all i really need from you
sweet(don't need your money baby.just want your time now,baby)kisses
cause that's what moves me honey.sweet kisses
sweet kisses(your kisses)and that's what moves me
sweet kisses

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