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Paroles de Intuition

Interprétées par Jewel

I'm just a simple girl
In a high-tech digital world
I really try 2 understand
All the powers that rule this land

They say Ms. J's big butt is boss
Kate Moss can't find a job
In a world of postmodern fad
What was good now is bad

It's not hard 2 understand
Just follow this simple plan

CHORU Follow your heart
Your intuition
It will lead u in the right direction
Let go of your mind
Your intuition
Is easy 2 find
Just follow your heart, baby

U look at me but you're not quite sure
Am I it, or could u get more?

U learn cool from magazines
U learned love from Charlie Sheen
If u want me, let me know
I promise I won't say no

You've got somethin' that you're wantin' 2 sell
Sell your sin, just cash in
You've got somethin' that you're wantin' 2 tell
"You'll love me, wait and see"

If u want me, don't play games
I promise it won't be in vain

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