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Paroles de I kill people

Interprétées par Jon Lajoie

Did you miss me?
Aww yeah, what? What?
MC Vagina is right back in this bitch
2009 is the year I recoded this song
Still not loving police
Still got love for the Vaginal crease
Player haters beware because...

Guns don't kill people
I kill people
With guns (pow)

Hey punk ass gangsters what you lookin at?
You think you can front with me? You better watch your back
Because I have a lot of guns and I can shoot them good
I'm a menace from society, a boy on the hood
I'm invincible like Bruce Willis in the movie Invincible
I'm invisible like, well I'm not really invisible

I'm bad like the movie Attack of the Clones
I'm dangerous (dangerous) like a fire in the nursing home
Old people burning, old people burning (Put your hands up)
Old people burning, old people burning (That's kind messed up)

What? What? you got a problem with this?
Maybe I should kick you in the face with my fist
Because on top of guns I know karate and ninja stuff
So if you come at me I'll trip you then I'll suck your nuts

I-I mean punch your nuts
Sucking them would be gay
And I'm totally not gay
I'm all about V-A-G-I-N-A (What?)

Guns don't kill people
I kill people
With guns (pow)

If a guy messes with me I shoot him with my load
All over his chest and face and down his throat.
Cause I don't give a fuck I'm crazy Like Mel Gibson
No, wait, that just makes me sound racist.

I buy a lot of expensive things because I have a lot of money
You can't afford expensive things cause you don't have a lot of money
HaHa you want these things but you can't afford them
That means that you're not cool cause you're just a poor person

Stupid poor people, stupid poor people (I have more money than you)
Stupid poor people, stupid poor people (You can't even afford food!)

When I show women my money, they want to have sex with me
And they always have orgasms cause my penis is so big
25 inches long and 12 inches thick I'm the Anthony Hawkins of cock

The Albert Einstein of dick
I'm The Beetles of cumshots, the Mozart of huge balls
The Anne Frank of erections..
Uh, that's inappropriate...

Everybody knows that my rhymes are really tight
Like an extra large condom on my penis, that's right.
My lyrics are like the movie the Shashank Redemption
.....They're really good.

Guns don't kill people
I kill people
With guns (pow)

I've killed so many people that I don't even remember how many people I've killed...
But it's probably around 7....thousand

2005 plus 4 pennies
Representin the North side
C to the anada, Bitch

Oh yeah, women are actually good for 4 things
And their sisters vaginas

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