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Paroles de Backdoor lover

Interprétées par Josie And The Pussycats

Mmm yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Backdoor lover
Oohh,oh yeah

They say this kind
Of love is wrong
But you know
It feels so right (know it feels so right)
Slidin' my hands
Across your cheeks
Oh so smooth and white (smooth and white)
Turn out the light,oh baby
And lock your backdoor
I'll be comin' through
That way tonight
To love you for sure

Lying on your bed
Starin' up at the moon
You drive me crazy
Gotta love you soon

I'm your backdoor lover
Comin' from behind with
The lights down low
Backdoor lover
Just you and me
No one has to know
Backdoor lover
Let me meet you there
At your secret spot
I'll show you a love that's
More than hot

You know that
I won't hurt you
So open up and let me in
We love each other
Way too much
For it to be a sin
Some people use the front door
But that's never been my way
Just 'cause I slip in back door
Girl that doesn't make me,hey



Going 'round in circles
'Cause you're everything
And you know
What I want to do
Maybe we can get together
At your place tonight
So open your backdoor tonight


Backdoor lover
You are my one and only
Backdoor love,oh
Backdoor love
You are my one and only


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